About Us

About Us

“We don’t do it for you. We empower you to do it and equip you to keep doing it.”

Our team comprises a unique blend of leadership, performance, communication, behavioural and brand expertise.

We work intensely with the key people in your organisation, quickly identifying the root of your problems. As your strategic partners, our work empowers you to affect the necessary change, spread the impact and embed a high performance culture.

Our bespoke interventions are strategic and targeted, built from a deep understanding of your business and its core problems.

We develop this understanding through candid conversation with you and the use of our diagnostic cultural health check.

Meet the Team

Jonny de Mallet Morgan
Chief Vision Officer & Co-Founder

Jonny has a deep passion for business and people, with a commitment to practise what he preaches. He strives to make sure that FROM:TODAY follows its purpose and lives by its values - curious - demanding - inclusive. Because if we do, everyone will benefit.

As an actor, Jonny performed to audiences across the world. He developed a deep understanding of how to influence, and maintains an insatiable curiosity towards people and what makes them tick. He’s a leadership and communication expert, dedicated to helping people in business break out of limiting boxes or pigeon holes to thrive. He has the knack of immediately connecting with people, putting them at ease, ensuring that they’re heard and leaving them inspired. These are business super-powers.

He's consulted to create and deliver hugely successful change management initiatives for organisations across the world.

Chris Wickenden
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

After graduating with a First Class Degree from Oxford, Chris completed a Masters in Acting from Drama Centre London. He realised quickly that his love of acting was actually a love in exploring and understanding people better. 

He’s an expert in grasping the nuance of a business people problem and creating development programmes that cut to the core of change. He believes everyone has limitless potential and is dedicated to bringing that positivity and curiosity to everyone he works with. The programmes he’s created have delivered change at some of the world's largest companies but also within start-ups and everything in between.

Chris is committed to changing the business world by helping to make it a place where people feel safe, that they belong, and can excel - no matter who they are or where they’re from.

Rebecca Meek
Head of Brand

Rebecca joined FROM:TODAY in mid 2023 and has been a crucial part of its transformation journey. She brings with her a unique blend of people, brand and business management expertise, along with being CIPD level 7 qualified.

Previously, she spent a large part of her career working in the HR, L&D and Communications space at a large multinational. Partnering with leadership teams, she led a variety of people development and engagement initiatives, including the rollout of a behavioural safety programme and their award-winning UK employee benefits proposition. Working freelance, she has helped drive growth at a successful coaching consultancy and supported a membership-based organisation dedicated to increasing the number of women at Board and C-Suite level. 

Bringing together her creativity, drive for excellence and love of creating connections, Rebecca is a passionate believer in delivering FROM:TODAY’s purpose.

David Richmond CBE MA FRSA
Executive Coach & Facilitator

David is an experienced senior leader who, following a long and successful military career, has worked as an interim executive, senior civil servant, director in the 3rd sector, and an independent government advisor. He also chairs Boccia UK, the National Governing Body for the Paralympic sport of Boccia, and was on the board of the London Irish Women bid to enter the top tier of women’s professional rugby.

His leadership experience covers a wide range of sectors and environments and he is highly motivated by helping others to succeed. His belief is that great leadership is at the heart of every great organisation and that today’s leaders have a duty to encourage, support and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. 

Leadership can be tough, but David’s coaching supports current and aspiring leaders to understand their personal values, how these will influence their leadership style, all the while supporting and holding them accountable in finding their own solutions to the challenges they face in their workplace.

Neusha Milanian
Executive Coach & Facilitator

Neusha is a hugely passionate learning specialist, public speaking trainer, leadership coach, facilitator and business role-player. As an EMCC-qualified leadership coach and NLP Master Practitioner, she is skilled in creating safe spaces for people to explore their challenges and unlock both personal and professional growth.

In her most recent senior role at a leading global financial services provider, she led a range of line manager programmes, focusing on core leadership skills, coaching and DE&I. Alongside her work in the people development space, Neusha is a classically trained actor and keen improviser. She brings with her a unique set of skills, namely the ability to communicate with impact and to engage, inspire and influence key stake-holders and is passionate about helping others do the same.

Helen Worrall
Public Speaking Coach

Helen is an excellent communicator and passionate coach with an ability to inspire, reassure and instil confidence in those she works with. She cares deeply about helping individuals achieve their personal goals, as well as the collective goals of a wider team and company ensuring that these all work together effectively.

As a classically trained actor, both on stage and screen, and voiceover artist, Helen understands how to engage with an audience, bring personality to a project and how to deliver a calm yet energised presentation under pressure. Working in voiceover means that Helen is able to guide and advise on microphone technique for those presenting live to a larger audience or when delivering a recorded podcast or presentation. She has extensive experience on camera and also assists with camera technique for those preparing for recorded videos or live streamed presentations. 

With an insatiable curiosity, Helen encourages an exploration of how people use their unique stories and voices to communicate and to reach their full potential.