Podcast: In Conversation with David Segel

Podcast: In Conversation with David Segel
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Founder. Investor. Philanthropist. Adventurer and Movie Producer.

Meet David Segel. 

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to lead a fulfilling, impactful, and inspiring career in business - and life, in general. 

David is the Founder of the Mako Group, a leading options market maker with a global trading footprint. He’s also a passionate philanthropist, investor, mentor and adventurer.

Business should be creative and playful; generous and rewarding; and so full of meaning.

Ultimately, businesses should, and absolutely must be, fundamentally human.

David achieves this so incredibly well.

In this episode, David and Jonny explore:

-- The essential importance of finding meaning in what we do

-- The space and absolute necessity for generosity and service whilst making money

-- How business is fundamentally a creative game and we're fundamentally creative beings: Why finding a way to keep scratching that itch and staying off the conveyor belt of busy doing is crucial.

Tune in now and get ready to be inspired. This is one not to miss. 

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The FROM:TODAY Podcast: Episode 16: David Segel, Founder of the Mako Group

About David Segel: David is the Founder of the Mako Group, a leading options market maker with a global trading footprint. David also operates Segel Group Limited, as the platform for overseeing a business portfolio in entertainment, tech and media activities, as well as philanthropy. He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of the independent motion picture producer Mpower Pictures. 

David is an avid outdoorsman and a competitive sailor in Nautor Swan class. He's a qualified airplane pilot and focuses primarily on backcountry and aerobatic flight. He has explored much of the unvisited world, including a trip on skis to the true North Pole in 2004, and a shorthanded journey on a Rigid Inflatable Boat through the Northwest Passage from Greenland to upper Alaska in 2010.

About Mako: Mako is a leading options market maker with a global trading footprint. They have been at the evolutionary forefront of options market making since 1999, from the open outcry of traditional trading pits to the screen trading and automated algorithmic execution strategies that form the future of the industry. Mako offers best in class liquidity solutions across Equities, Fixed income, Commodities and FX derivatives markets. From offices in London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Brisbane and Chengdu, their culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration, and philanthropy underscores their commitment to excellence. Learn more at www.mako.com